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“Whatever you do, do well…”(Eccl. 9:10;NLT) When God made man, He gave him some special abilities. There is a potential in every human being to achieve something great in life. The enemy knowing this is deceiving many into thinking that, they have nothing to offer. But God made man with so much potential, to show forth His glory in a spirit of excellence not mediocrity. Every hand is gifted in one way or the other, but the problem is that many people have not discovered what they were made to do. There is the copy-cat syndrome, where many are gravitating towards the things that appear to be popular, and neglecting their natural God-given abilities. No wonder many have failed and some are still failing. What are your abilities? In what do you find fulfillment? No matter what it may be, give it your best and see God multiply your efforts. It doesn’t matter how small it may be, it is God who brings the increase. Do it and do it well! It is your seed for greatness. So cherish it! AB@TWD

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