Wo Firi Mu by Ohemaa Mercy

Ohemaa Mercy

Verse 1
Owuo mpa bia a wo da so, ei
(Every bed of death on which you are lying)
Atiiti amona bia a wo hy? mu nu
(Every pit of distress you find yourself in)
Nea w’ay? ay? ay? a, eny? yie nu
(Every fruitless venture)
Me nua ei, wu firi mu o, ei
(My brother/sister, you’re coming out)
Ohia ataadi? bia a ?hy? wu ei
(Every garment of poverty you’ve been adorned with)
Oboni ataadi? bi a ahy?wu aky?
(Every cloak of barrenness you’ve been wearing for so long)
Me nua ei, wu firi mu o,
(You’re coming out)
Me nua, wu