Y?n Agya by Sonnie Badu

Sonnie Badu

Y?n (y?n) Agya a ?w? soro
(Our Father in Heaven)
wo din hu ntew
(Hollowed is your name)
Wo ahende mbra
(Let your kingdom come)
W’ap?di ny? h? daa
(Your will be done)
D? mra w? y? nu w? soro
(As it’s done in Heaven)

Awu na ahendzi tum y? wo di
(All power belongs to you)
Anuonyam ne nkwagye
(Glory and salvation)
Nyinara y? wo di
(All belong to you)
D?m nti ya ba w’anim
(So we come to you)
Di y’akoma nyinara, s?ri wo
(And exalt you with all our heart)

Oguamma, wo fata
(Lamb of God, you are worthy)
Oguamma, a